How to find us





FabLab Wageningen has – together with the rest of the StartHub community – re-located to WUR ‘Plus Ultra II’, on the corner of Bronland and Plantage. Hereby some notes on how to get there.

The entrance of ‘Plus Ultra II’ is a bit hidden between the grass lot and the path and garden plots in front of ‘Plus Ultra’. Walk along the main entrance of ‘Plus Ultra’ southwards and you get there. Enter the building and head straight into the atrium. When you almost reach the end, turn left and go through a gate in a metal fence (note: the fence is moveable and may be opened completely – just to confuse you). Now just walk straight ahead and you should be there. If not, ask a friendly local.

If you come by bike, park it in the racks to the south of the building, enter it, and once you are in the atrium, head right as soon as you can. Then it’s straight ahead.

Weekdays the building entrance on the ground floor is open – at least it should be. You can enter and walk to our workspace. Our workspace has ID 0.014.

Outside working hours:
Outside working hours the building is closed and only accessible for pass holders. FabLab members who want to use the facilities outside working hours should, like currently, get a pass from the pass keepers.

Open Workshop on Saturdays:
Visitors to Saturdays Open Workshops can come directly to our own entrance door at the east (Unilever, Thymospad) side of the building (beyond the parking garage). The main entrance of the building is closed and we can not hear the doorbell.

We hope this photograph helps a little.

Welcome at FabLab Wageningen