How to find us





FabLab Wageningen has – together with the rest of the StartHub community – re-located to WUR ‘Atlas’, on the corner of Droevendaalsesteeg and Hoge Steeg. For various reasons, we have a separate entrance on ground level. Hereby some notes on how to get there.

The entrance is – at least at this moment – not very visible. It is located at the west side of the building (facing ‘Forum’). The easiest is probably to orientate yourself on the statue of ‘de zaaier’; then the official entrance – the footbridge to the first floor – is to your left and our entrance is a wide door at about the middle of the building, on ground floor level. As there is no footpath, you need to walk through the flower meadow (which the WUR actually officially discourages). Proper signage should follow – and a path too, we hope. In the meantime, we hope the photo illustrates the point a bit.

Weekdays the building entrance on the ground floor is open – at least it should be. You can enter and walk to our workspace, a sort of zig-zag through the building. Our workspace has ID C.009. In case of doubt: just ask anyone. Left of the door of our workspace is the well-known key locker (code remains the same). If the building entrance on the ground floor is not open, you can best use the official entry to ‘Atlas’ and go down one floor using the stairs.

Outside working hours:
Outside working hours the building is closed and only accessible for pass holders. FabLab members who want to use the facilities outside working hours should, like currently, get a pass from the pass keepers. In that case, please use the ground floor entrance, as our access passes do not work on the official entrance.

Open Workshop on Saturdays:
Visitors to Saturdays Open Workshops can use the doorbell at the ground floor entrance.

We hope this photograph helps a little.

Welcome at FabLab Wageningen