Our House Rules

FabLab Wageningen is an open workspace where everyone can come to create and/or innovate using digital technology while sharing their experiences. Being open, however, sets the need to establish some basic house rules to ensure a safe environment.

Work in the FabLab:
– Unsupervised work is only allowed to members who have taken the intro-course.
– All others can use the Open Workshop on Saturday afternoons (and occasionally Wednesday afternoons); but under supervision only.
– Work on Open Workshop times is at the discretion of the FabLab Managers on duty.
– Work-on-demand is (sometimes) possible via info@fablabwag.nl

– Machines can be booked by registered members via the FabLab website.
– Bookings can be overruled by the board if deemed necessary.

During work:
– Take notice of all machine instructions and safety measures.
– Using the laser: check whether the material is suitable and safe. If this is not explicitely known (or in any doubt) do NOT laser it.
– Assist another if necessary.
– Do not leave machinery running unattended. Stay at all times in view of the machine within the room.
– Do not solder or use (any) solvent or spray outside the desk with additional ventilation.

Activities taking multiple days:
Sometimes you need a longer period for an activity than just a few hours. In that case, it is useful to use a workspace for multiple days in a row and keep it occupied with your materials during that period. That is no problem, but does need some co-ordination to avoid irritation between concurrent users. So, in that case the following rules apply:
– Always communicate multiple -day activities in advance to Tim Daalderop via: tim.daalderop@wur.nl
– Only occupy workspaces overnight after approval of Tim.
– The workspaces next to the laser, the foil cutter and at the flexible ventilation (the ‘soldering table’) are not available for longer period activities.
– Do your activities take longer than a few days and is intermittent clean-up of the workspace not possible ? Then you are required to pay a fee for the use of that workspace. That fee is equivalent to the StartHub fee for workspace use.
– Please clean your workspace after the agreed period.

After work:
– Shut down the machine, clean it and remove any leftover materials.
– If needed, put the machine settings back to its original settings.
– Note the used machine time in the form next to the machine.
– Close cupboards, windows and doors.
– Put the FabLab workspace key back in the key locker and close it.
– Mail any anomaly to info@fablabwag.nl

Payment of work:
– Take notice of your machine time used (and filament use for the 3D printers) and the appropriate fee(s) and and pay the corresponding amount within 14 days to the FabLab bank account.
– Start-ups can ask for (monthly) invoicing via the financial admin.

Damage and risk:
– Damage caused by improper use of the machinery is at the expense of the user.
– Use of machinery and tools is at the risk of the user.
– FabLab Wageningen is not responsible for any casuality and/or damage caused by machine use or presence within the FabLab premises.

For any issue, related to the ‘StartHub’ area of the building, please contact Tim Daalderop or the StartHub Board in office # (near the entrance).

For any further questions, you are welcome to talk to us when we are present of mail to info@fablabwag.nl us.