At the FabLab, we have been busy building a new machine …

It is a CNC , bought as a kit from Ooznest in the U.K. A WorkBee 1500×1500 portal mill with a useable workspace of about 125×125 cm. We have been building the kit, buying a router and mill bits, connecting electronics, making an awesome cabinet (thank you, Tim Daalderop !), installing an epic dual-moter ventilator and doing lots more. And although we are not totally finished yet (PC, software, ventilation, insulation, …), we can see the fruit of our labor growing slowly.

Initial component and integration testing has started already. The machine works (oh, sign of relief) and can be operated by our software of choice (both Fusion360 and VCarve Pro will work). Now we will start proper installation and more details.

We hope to have the machine ready for full system testing mid-June 2022. In parallel we have to prepare a training program. Public usage (for selected and trained participants only !) might start September 2022.