At our FabLab we have two CNC machines (yes, two ;-).

The first is our big, ‘real’ CNC, bought as a kit from Ooznest in England. It is an Ooznest WorkBee with a workspace of 124 by 124 cm. and a maximum Z-height of 38 to 40 mm. We built the kit, put a massive enclosure around it (thank you, Tim Daalderop), put a lot of security features on it and now we are in the process of testing it. We expect it to be fully operational this Autumn.

Whoever wants to work with the CNC needs special training. Designs can be made with any software, but need to be converted via Fusion360 or VCarve Pro (our choice) to generate proper GCode for the CNC. The FabLab has a special ‘makerspace’ license for VCarve Pro – our registered members can download a special version for free. We will inform our members later this year.


Pricing (this may be changed later):
members EUR 20 / hour
non-members EUR 40 / hour
Above this comes a surcharge for bits and preparation of the CNC.


Our second CNC, our ‘baby’ is a Genmitsu Sainsmart 3018. We got it as a present from Arjen de Jong, a local maker, and are really happy with it. This Autumn we will start working on / with it.