Who we are

Pleased to meet you !

FabLab Wageningen is an open workspace where everyone can come to create and/or innovate using digital technology while sharing their experiences.

The concept of a FabLab has originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston around 2000. Since, there have been around 1.000 FabLabs established in the entire world. A FabLab aims to make high-tech appliances within reach of everyone interested. FabLabs work – as much as possible – with the ‘Open Source / Open Design’ -concept, where knowledge and experience are shared instead of shielded off with patents.

FabLab Wageningen applies to the ‘Fab Charter’ look at the official MIT website of the International FabLab association.

FabLab Wageningen was established in 2012 by a group of enthousiasts, inspired by the – then new – FabLab Amersfoort, one of the first real ‘grassroots’ FabLabs in the Netherlands. Since 2014, we are located in the ‘StartHub’ -building at the campus of Wageningen University. ‘StartHub’ is a community and incubator for advanced students and newly -graduted, aiming to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship in the agro-technological sector.

Institutionally, we are a non-profit foundation but most of all an enthusiast group of volunteers.

Board members:

  • Olivier Langevoort
  • Tim Daalderop
  • Paul Toxopeus
  • Marcel van Dijk


  • Address:             Bronland 10, 6708 WH  Wageningen
  • E-mail:               info@fablabwag.nl


  • KvK #:                55 06 42 13 (Chamber of Commerce)
  • BTW#:               NL8515.51.853.B01 (VAT)
  • Bank: Triodos: NL60 TRIO 0254 7015 58

This website:

  • Digital design: Stefan van Perlo
  • Artwork: Marcel Reulen (logo by Robbert Kamphuis)
  • Webmasters: Jandirk Bulens & Rogier Giesen
  • Quick-and-dirty fixes: Marcel van Dijk
  • (C) 2016/2020 FabLab Wageningen

For any questions, you are welcome to talk to us when we are present of mail to info@fablabwag.nl us.

And with a big ‘Thank you’ to our sponsors: