Start-up at the WUR ?

We are there to help you !

Are you working in/on/at a start-up in the WUR ecosystem – like StartHub and Startlife – or are contemplating starting up in the near future ? FabLab Wageningen can help you. If you want to learn digital design and manufacturing, our FabLab can offer you it’s services and facilities. And if you are in a later stage actually about to make prototypes, we have the equipment to do so.

Are you a – literal – Starter or thinking of becoming one ? Take a beginners’ course on 2D and 3D digital design and explore the possibilities of digital manufacturing.

More advanced and ready to make prototypes ? Learn how to work on our machinery and get working ! We are there to help and advice you.

Need specific advice on products, materials or designs ? We can offer tailor-made expert advice for you.

And if you are that advanced that we ourselves can’t help you anymore, we may still be able to refer you to our network. FabLabs exist all over the country, and we may know just the one that can help you further. And at the WUR there is the Technical Developent Studio TDS website, with a lot of expertise and skills, ready to help. There, however, you are not allowed to work personally on your product or prototype. Due to regulations, the TD Studio will do all the work themselves, obviously at a certain cost.

If you have questions about what we can do for you, or already have concrete plans, you can ask your coach at StartLife of the people at StartHub to inform you or to intermediate. This is the website of StartHub: StartHub WageningenAlternatively, you are welcome to contact us directly, either in person when we are in the building (the ground floor of Atlas) or via e-mail.

Contact us via and see what we can do for you !