The new laser machine

As most will know or have seen, we have a new laser machine. Actually, it is the old one from the ‘ontwikkelwerkplaats’, which we have bought. Here are some characteristics of the new machine:

a. General:
The new machine is a BRM 90/130, capable of cutting sheets with a 90 by 130 cm. size. The power is – still – a 100W CO2 laser tube.

b. Turning on and off:
The machine should be turned on by first turning the key about 90 degrees clockwise and then pushing the green ‘on’ button.
The machine should be turned off by turning the key 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

c. Exhaust fan:
The exhaust fan is coupled with the cooling, so there’s no need to turn it separately on / off.

 d. Cooling:
The machine is blocked when the cooling is off. Cooling can be turned on by the same button as on the old machine; the button should be turned about 90 degrees clockwise.

e. Putting sheets on the bed:
The bed is tested / measured by a mechanic and has a tolerance of (now, at least) maximally 0.5 mm. This has been measured (as should be) against the bridge with the laser head, not against the surrounding frame.
For the moment, it seems the best practice is to put ‘old’ 60 by 90 size sheets at the upper LEFT corner (thus not upper right).

f. Power and speed settings:
We have been advised by the mechanic to use some specific settings, due to hard- and software of the machine:
– Power: maximally 85 per cent – minimally 12 per cent.
– Speed: maximally 40 (for cutting only, for engraving 500 is fine).

The parameters, as put in the spreadsheet on the PC at the FabLab contain a number of cases with values which are too high, according to the BRM mechanics’ advice. We will do extensive testing in the coming period to check the appropriate values and put these in the spreadsheet. If you have found anything based on your experience, please let us know so we can help others, too.

For any questions, please talk to us when we are present of mail us.