It is in the FabLab DNA to promote Open Source software (even hardware, actually). But, as an ancient Chines proverb states, the road to good intentions is paved with bad Operating Systems, so… In all modesty, most of our PC’s run Windows 10. It is because a lot of application software (notably drivers for specific hardware) just cannot do otherwise.

But we really really want to promote Open Source. And we know unknown makes unloved. So we have installed Lubuntu on one of our (oldest) PC’s. Lubuntu is a variant of Ubuntu – which is a variant of Linux. It allows you to run a lot of software on older and less -equipped PC’s which would be virtually un-useable if you stick to Windows. Coming a long way from the cryptic screens of the past, Lubuntu is fast, user -friendly, and we feel you really should try it out.

Have a go, and make friends with Lubuntu !

Welcome at FabLab Wageningen