If the door of the FabLab is closed, members who have done a reservation of a machine can open the door by means of an (RFID) key, located in a key locker.

This is the ground floor of ‘Plus Ultra II’.

Coming from the Campus -side, walk along ‘Plus Ultra’ and enter ‘Plus Ultra II’. Follow the green route.
Coming from the bicycle racks or the parking garage, follow first the blue- and then the green route.
You will get to the end of a corridor. The door of the FabLab is to the left. Key locker and RFID reader are to the right of the door.

Enter the code on the key locker. Push calmly, you should feel a sort of click. Then shove the black sliding-switch between the ‘0’ and the ‘5’ downwards to open the key locker.
The (RFID) key is on a chain. Put the key in the middle of the reader, touching the surface and wait a few seconds. The light now should become green.
You hear a click near the door handle. Push the door now open in the direction of the FabLab.

After use: please put the RFID key back in the key locker ! To close the locker, you need to enter the code again and slide the switch downwards again.

Problems ? At the other end of the corridor is the ‘StartHub’ staff office. The gentle people there will be more than happy to help you out.