3D design

Before you can start making an object on a 3D -printer or the lasercutter, you need a design. Obviously, you can download a ready-made design from the ‘net (look at ‘Thingyverse’ or dozens of other sites for inspiration), but designing it all yourself is half the fun. There are a lot of design programs available, some Open Source and free, others paid, some simple, others extremely complicated. We are happy to guide you towards a program that exactly suits your needs.

At FabLab Wageningen we use a number of design programs: the stand-alone version of ‘SketchUp Make 2017’ as a free and flexible tool for learning to design 3D objects, ‘Inkscape’ and ‘LibreCAD’ as 2D drawing programs. These programs feature regularly in our classes and workshops.

Contact us via info@fablabwag.nl and see what we can do for you !