5 februari 2018 om 22:58 #5869
Marcel van Dijk

Lately, the laser has shown 2 problems:
– the power needed to cut through materials was (far) more than expected
– cut- and engraving lines were ‘wiggly’; not straight at all
Wim (not accidentally a professional photographer 😉 has found the cause of the second issue: the focus lens in the last tube was loose. It should have been fixed in a screw fitting but was in fact lying totally loose and – consequently – vibrating too much. He fixed this by very carefully fastening the lens again, but thereby possibly causing a new issue; now the focussing seems unclear. The best we (Kees and yours truly) could get the focus was at exactly halfway the ‘old’ red focus blockh as provided by BRM and the ‘new’ in-focus -block as made by Piers (?). So the focus is : red block minus 0.9 mm. Or: new block plus 0.9 mm.

Marcel van Dijk.