3 juli 2017 om 10:43 #5036
  • (DONE) Fix root redirect for http://www.fablabwag.nl -> fablabwag.nl
  • Forgot password link on every place where you can login, or a single place to login instead of being able to log in at every page that needs login.
  • Allow 8 char passwords (this is one the few sites where I need a longer password)

What do you mean by this? Are you suggesting the site should allow for <8 characters (if so, I’m not willing to do that)

  • Stay logged in doesn’t seem to work, or is there automatic logout time or so?

No, I didn’t minimize that (but I hope no-one uses it, I’ve seen too many logged-in facebook pages at public or semipublic computers to like that feature)

  • Fablabwag email is regarded as spam by gmail

This I’ll look at, but the mail is still partly handled by the previous provider, with makes that hard to fix.

And thanks for the forum! I’ll test drive it more!