3D Printer

Design and produce 3D objects

3D-printers are getting increasingly popular because of their innovative technique. They offer lots of possibilities to produce various products. Prototypes, shoes, dresses, body parts and prostheses, chairs, rocket parts; lots of products are already made using 3D-printers. At FabLab Wageningen we have 2 Ultimaker 3-D printers and a new Craftbot 3-D printer. You can use these by printing ready-made digital designs or by first making your own digital design and then printing it. Our 3D -printers are FDM-printers which use filament, thread on a spool which is molten inside the print head. We mostly use PLA, a recyclable plastic which is made out of raw materials of vegetable origins, but other filaments are potentially possible, as ABS, Nylon and PET, or even filaments containing (small) amounts of wood, metal or other materials. High on our wish list is an installation that could shred plastics, melt these and then extrude these to new filament wire, so we can fully recycle material and use it again to make new items.

3D Print project
Voor een congres over koffie dat door Wageningen Universiteit werd georganiseerd, hebben we beeldjes van “De Zaaier” geprint van koffie-afval. Daarvoor hebben we een 3D scan gemaakt van het beeld “De Zaaier” dat op de campus staat. Deze scan is bewerkt tot een bruikbaar bestand om te printen. De beeldjes zijn in series van 16 stuks geprint op een DDDrop-3D-printer. De printtijd voor 16 beeldjes van ongeveer 11 cm hoog bedroeg circa 14 uur.

Prices 3D printer use(Including VAT)

  • Machine use time
    CraftBot with subscription
    CraftBot without subscription
    UltiMaker (always)
    Special filament
  • per 30 minutes
    € 1,00
    € 2,00
    € 0,00 (free to use)
    € 1,00 per 10 grams
    € 1,50 per 10 grams
    On request